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My Students learn from my 30 years of practice

We both learn from their successes

4 Weeks to Freedom

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The results of my 30 years of learning how

to control my thoughts

and how to use them to direct my life


1978-84 - I was taught that I had no limits

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1978-86 - learning to know and believe


countless small but very evident occurrences all by applying the same system.


My first dream  I saw machines making the most amazing imagery that I had ever seen  US patent # 5266986



Collochrome Prints - became the sharpest images in the world for 12 years  Used by the Canadian Space Agency and the RadarSat -1 Project, Spot Image -France, images from the Hubble Space Telescope. and Advertising across North America.

Receives delivery of a 3/4 of a million dollar machine in the most unexpected of ways - Free


Produced the - First Image from Radarsat-1, Canada and the world's first Radar Satellite


My second dream - TriColour Prints launched by Fuji at the PMA show in Las Vegas Feb 1999.


A critical day and a key employee didn't show up, A more than perfect replacement dialed the wrong number on an add from another company and got me

Our landlord called to sign a new lease I said not today -wrote on a paper More space, Less money and Where people are passing  4 hours later we had 3x the space 500 ft from where we were

Bruce Fitzsimmons of Graphic Fitzsimmons asked me to give a talk to some businessmen on how things come into my life.

two weeks later he asked me if I could write a course and I wrote Unleash the power of your mind  over the next 8 month


Martin Laurendeau, Tennis Champion and coach with Tennis Canada, did the program. Martin has become a great source of inspiration and support

Fall 2009
The program Unleash the power of your mind at your workplace was given by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization -part of the United Nations)  in Montreal