4 Weeks to Freedom

Committed  to changing our world one person at a time


5 week program

     Includes:     15 hours of lectures (3 hours per week for 5 weeks) and 12 monthly advanced classes

           4 Weeks to Freedom Inc  by Credit Card or transfer


 Regular Price

 1 payment :                                           1500.00 $  

 Program                                                 included

 Advanced Classes    Zoom for 1 year        Included

 Telephone support during the 6 weeks of the program

 Reduced price for couples

 1 payment  :                                            2500.00 $


Reduced price for students wishing to redo the program after 1 year

 * pre requisite - having attended monthly advanced classes


1 paymentt :                                            750.00 $

Exercise book   (Grads only)                   80.00$


Limiting beliefs interfering with your success -

 In Person Please Call or text us for prices


 Zoom Appointment   150.00$ US - discounts are available when necessary

To reserve  email   jkobel@4weekstofreedom.com

                or Text    514.909.3222


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