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My Students learn from my 42 years of practice

We both learn from their successes

4 Weeks to Freedom

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The results of my 42 years of learning how

to control my thoughts

and how to use them to direct my life


1978-84 - I was taught that I had no limits

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1978-86 - learning to know and believe


countless small but very evident occurrences all by applying the same system.


My first dream  I saw machines making the most amazing imagery that I had ever seen  US patent # 5266986



Collochrome Prints - became the sharpest images in the world for 12 years  Used by the Canadian Space Agency and the RadarSat -1 Project, Spot Image -France, images from the Hubble Space Telescope. and Advertising across North America.

Receives delivery of a 3/4 of a million dollar machine in the most unexpected of ways - Free


Produced the - First Image from Radarsat-1, Canada and the world's first Radar Satellite


My second dream - TriColour Prints launched by Fuji at the PMA show in Las Vegas Feb 1999.


A critical day and a key employee didn't show up, A more than perfect replacement dialed the wrong number on an add from another company and got me

Our landlord called to sign a new lease I said not today -wrote on a paper More space, Less money and Where people are passing  4 hours later we had 3x the space 500 ft from where we were

Bruce Fitzsimmons of Graphic Fitzsimmons asked me to give a talk to some businessmen on how things come into my life.

two weeks later he asked me if I could write a course and I wrote Unleash the power of your mind  over the next 8 month


Martin Laurendeau, Tennis Champion and coach with Tennis Canada, did the program. Martin has become a great source of inspiration and support

Fall 2009
The program Unleash the power of your mind at your workplace was given by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization -part of the United Nations)  in Montreal
July 2014
To date over 600 people have followed our program. Many come back monthly to share their amazing stories
Feb 2016 Pari Arshagouni Graduate Nov 2015  named VP Impact ( Montreal soccer team)   
July 2018
I realized I can help people remove programing or indoctrination that gets in their way of their success to date we have helped over 60 people from Canada, USA, Germany, Australia and now Morocco.