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For over 40 years I have seen some people succeed in the most unbelievable ways while a minority fail terribly - there was no apparent reason - They were at first look, very similar - I saw all people as the same - with amazing opportunities and abilities - all with the same passion, drive and desire to succeed –

What was going on? Why did some people work so very hard to find happiness and success not find it

My questioning brought me to Bruce Lipton who went from being a Cellular Biologist to a sot after new age speaker - How did he do it ?- The answer is very interesting - it goes back to the first 7 years of our life and the programming we received.

While experimenting with the process and using kinesiology I saw people going from not being able to succeed in mathematics to next exam 98% - Interesting - but that was just the beginning - I was amazed

I found the process to be quite long,  cumbersome and not always reliable   

I felt that there had to be a better and more precise way, and there is

Today it takes less than a minute to align both sides (left & right hemisphere) of the brain, and bring it back to where it was before you were 6years old, isolate where the belief is stored  leaving you with a clear path to change your conflicting beliefs

which means a person can change a belief imposed on them in their formative years less than 5 minutes.


The success of my students

is what motivates me

What we teach will become a way of life

From: Annie
Sent: Lundi, 04/29/19 15:30

Je vais bien même de mieux en mieux car je sens que ma vision des choses a changé car ma vision de moi-même a changé... alors je souris plus et me ré-encourage plus vite et je vois la lumière au bout du tunnel ... et je sais que ce n'est pas un autre train! Hihi!  


Sent:  06/20/19 07:50

Good morning John! Je ne peux pas te remercier assez pour ce que tu as fait pour moi! Quel bonheur! Je me sens confiante comme jamais et je me sens tellement bien! Les gens viennent vers moi naturellement et je n'ai aucun malaise! C'est fantastique! Enfin je suis capable d'être moi-même. Je remercie le moment où tu es entré dans ma vie! Tu es un maître sur terre et tu nous fait du bien! Merci à toi et bonne journée!

From: Thomas
Sent: Sunday, 25 August, 2019 16:54

Hello John,Juste pour vous dire que notre séance à tout changé. Les périodes de doute ont quasiment disparues, et si ça se produit, je suis capable de shifter en quelques minutes.

Merci de tout coeur pour m'avoir permis d'évoluer

From: Carol  

Sent: 07/28/19 10:52

Good morning John. It was an interesting evening settling into new awareness. Many emotions. I sat with it without distraction and one memory came up, that I'd never remembered before. I believe it is what shaped my perception, and my intuition tells me I was 2 years old when I heard it. I may have read my mother's mind or heard her speak out loud. Unsure. But I heard it. I was 2. And it shaped my reality from that day.

From Carol 

Sent::07/28/19 10:54

Only by you challenging my perception and beliefs would this important piece of the memory puzzle have surfaced. 

From: Carol  

Sent: 08/19/19 08:07

I'm reaching out in Gratitude. Life continues to deliver evidence of how clearing and converting one limiting belief creates such a ripple effect. After 2 years of separation, my husband and I see a clearer path to redefining our life together. There is much more to the story, but safe it to say, removing a filter that existed before I invested time with you, has served to enhance my life in many ways. Thank you.

From: Manon

Envoyer: 11/21/2019

Incroyablement ce soin, je découvre plein de beau nouveau comportement et d'autres qui ne sont plus là!!
Merci pour cette belle sérénité!