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4 Weeks to Freedom Inc

It's a way of life 

Bio for John Kobel Born in Montreal the son of a very creative German born engineer who taught me the art of creative thinking by giving me boxes of parts (small gas motors) and challenging me to have the motor running by the time he got home in the evening. He knew and gave me the knowledge that everything is possible. Educated in and around Montreal (Stanstead College, Concordia (Sir George Williams) University and was accepted in Law at McGill University -but- decided at the last moment (thanks to the influence of Dr. Ted (E). Dossin Pathologist at Montreal’s Royal Victorian Hospital) not to follow that path.Dr Dossin through his amazing wisdom taught me to listen selectively and to above all to follow my passion.  A cross section of jobs taught me the value of my father’s way of teaching in that every job I held up until 1978 I either broke company production records created the type of job I wanted.  Fall 1978 I attended the first Montreal symposium on Healing and the Human Psychic (Dr.John and Marilyn Rosner). I went out of obligation. But at that meeting my life changed. As one of the speakers, Dean Rolando A Carbonell PHD aka Swami Diva Leelananda spoke, I had an experience which changed the direction of my life. That day I realized that we were much greater than the human body we see reflected in the bathroom mirror, that there was a another part of us, much greater and much older and certainly much more knowledgeable than anything we could ever have imagined.  Between 1978 and 1984 I met people who had become aware of this material. They taught me how by using some very simple techniques, I would be able to change my life. I listened, I brought the techniques into my life, and my life changed in the most incredible of ways. The first of these people was  Dean Rolando A Carbonell aka Swami Diva Leelananda who opened the door to this incredible knowledge:   This gave me 2 Amazing products :  

And   more than 40 years of knowing that I could do anything.  

Over the past 40 years: 

I owned and operated a successful Printing Company (Photographic, offset and large format digital) where my patents brought world attention to our business. We also applied the principals and for at least one day a week shared the knowledge with clients and friends. About 2003 I left the printing industry. The time was right and the need to share this knowledge had become my primary interest.  Some business men had asked me to turn the knowledge into a course.  The outcome was a 5 week learning program called Unleash the power of your mind where students observe through precise exercises how very powerful their mind is and how they can harness this incredibly powerful tool and redirect it toward what they really want to achieve. 

To date we have shown countless numbers people how to change their lives, their business and their fortunes by taking responsibility for who and what they are and then applying some very simple and very old techniques (techniques that they once knew but have forgotten) back into their life.